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ACIP Workshop Nov 2019


Do you want your child to become a responsible and successful adult? The future of your child is in your capable hands NOW “

The African character Initiation Program (ACIP) in Partnership with Global Group of Hospitals (GloGoh) invites you to the 2019 ACIP Initiation Workshop

Who? 11-15 years boys and girls

Where: Kipkeino Primary School. Eldoret.

When: 11-23 November 2019 (Boys) (Reporting by 4pm on 10th Nov for boys who need circumcision)
17th – 23rd November 2019 (Reporting at 2pm on 16th Nov 2019 for girls and boys who don’t need
17th November 2019 at 2-5pm (All Parents workshops (two parents/guardians per child)

What Core values:

  • Love – for self, for other human persons and for all creation
  • Respect – Respect for creation which translates into care and compassion for self, for
    other humans
  • (regardless of age, colour, tribe, language, sex, religion), and for all environment in spite of differences

  • Honesty – Integrity seeking to think, say and do the right thing at all times
  • Hard work –positive attitudes and practices to the human call to co-create
  • Self- Discipline – is about creating and sustaining health attitudes and practices that
    move individuals to achieve their dreams
  • Responsibility– appreciating that for every right there is a corresponding duty and making
    all efforts to fulfil one’s duties at all times
  • Spirituality – appreciating the interconnectedness of all creation and seeking healthy
    relationships with all – with the self, with other humans and with all creation

The Aim of the Workshop is to facilitate adolescents transition from childhood to adulthood; from boys to men and from girls to women by:

  • Offering medical circumcision for boys
  • Facilitating learning of attitudes, knowledge and life skills and character values for holistic
  • Conducting a parents’ workshop on positive parenting
  • Form a strong mentorship network for continued support of alumni

Program of Activities for November 2019
Every year, we bring together boys and girls for an initiation process involving the following activities over a period of 7 days (for girls) and 14 days (for initiate boys).

  • Sun, Nov 10: Arrival and registration of boys’ participants by 5.00pm. Evening: Worship, Commitment to
    God and pre-circumcision counselling
  • Mon, Nov. 11: Morning: Doctors perform operation Afternoon: Monitoring and Assessment
  • Mon- Frid., Nov.11- 16th: Boys’ healing process accompanied by role modelling and Doctors’ visits. Enter-
    education and passive indoor games go on throughout the period. Other activities include:
  • 17th Nov. 2019: Parents Workshop and arrival of other boys and girls
  • Nov.18-22nd 2019: Intensive Workshops
  • Testimonies from different youths e.g. one recovering from alcohol abuse, one who has gone through ACIP
  • Sat. Nov. 23: Graduation,
  • 10.00am: All guests and graduands seated
  • 10-11pm: Entertainments
  • 11-12pm: Interdenominational Service
  • 12-1pm: Address by Guest of Honour and other Speakers
  • 1-2pm: Commissioning and Blessing of Graduates.
  • Highlight of the day: Individual Graduates promise to parents/guardians
  • 2pm: Communal sharing of a meal
  • 4pm: Honourable Guests, parents, and graduates leave at their own leisure.

Every ACIP Jewel gets an ACIP Jewel, a Promise and a Certificate of Commitment

Cost: Shs.12,000.00 for girls and Shs. 28,000.00 for boys
Parent’s workshop: Shs. 500 per parent for tea & stationery

The Coordinator,
African Character Initiation Program ELDORET


For faster communication call any of the following:
Emily: 0733-991 621 E-mail:
Pam: 0722-234 064 E-mail:

GloGoh contact(s) here


Theme: The Making of a Kenyan: Towards National Identity and Character Values
24 – 25 July 2017
Maanzoni, Kenya
The inaugural National Initiation Rites Workshop, convened by the African Character Initiation Programme (ACIP), was held between 23 and 25 July 2017 at Maanzoni Lodge in Nairobi. The Workshop, whose theme was “The Making of a Kenyan: Towards National Identity and Character Virtues”, was characterized by robust engagements. Adopting the workshop model ensured participation of all in attendance. Indeed, it was a great gathering of people whose experiences are key in setting agenda for the current and next generation. The participants included local and international academics, government officials, members of the clergy from different denominations, youth, parents, teachers, leaders of various initiation rites programmes, donors, ACIP alumni and mentors.
During the three-day conference, participants reflected on how the various rites of passage, currently practiced in Kenya, could help forge a national identify based on character virtues. The conference participants shared best practices from people and organisations mentoring youth with the aim of imparting positive character values. Majority of the groups and individuals were faith-based.
The participants also discussed the impact of harmful cultural practices that are part of initiation rites in different communities, for example, female genital mutilation. Participants also heard from ACIP alumni and parents who reflected on their experiences. They also reflected on emerging gaps in modern rites of passage and the genesis of these practices, particularly in multicultural urban settings. The conference provided a networking opportunity that underlined the importance of merging theory with practice through linkage between the academia and community.
The ACIP founders also shared research findings from a study they conducted to help them look back at the work they have done since inception. The tracer study, which combined quantitative and qualitative components, indicated the need for a longitudinal study. It was noted that the ACIP alumni, who were some of the respondents and research assistants, graduated from the ACIP at different times thus their experiences are somewhat varied. The study provided ACIP with valuable feedback on its impact, highlighting what was working well. It also enabled the founder members identify existing gaps.
Participants worked in groups to identify the character values that are key in forging a Kenyan identity. They identified the following: Integrity, equity, social responsibility, justice, good governance, cohesion, love for one another, patriotism, recognition of cultural diversity and a God-fearing nation. The conversation was hinged on Vision 2030, Kenya’s development blueprint, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The Workshop was part of the activities of a research project titled, Assessment of ACIP: A Character Virtues Program, that was generously funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation Inc.

Call For Proposals


The African Character Initiation Program (ACIP) of the Eldoret Based Gender and Development Network (ELDOGADNet) announces a call for proposals for 2 Master or 2 Doctoral research projects in areas of interest to ACIP from any of the disciplines in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Moi University. Grants range between US$1,000 and 3.000.

The following topics are suggested for consideration by applicants, but the list is not exhaustive:

Religion and Traditional Initiation Rites in Kenya
Modern Initiation Rites in Kenya
Eradicating Female Mutilation
Adolescence and Values
Development culture and Youth Enterprise Funds
Application process

Submit a full proposal not exceeding 20 typed double spaced pages, font 12 Times New Roman, including bibliography and annexure, and an abstract not exceeding 300 words.
Include full contact details: full name, institution, cell phone number, email and one colored passport size photo.
Proposals submitted should have been considered and approved at departmental level and duly endorsed by supervisors or the Head of Department.

Must be submitted to the Coordinator, ACIP by 15th August 2016 via email.
Short listed applicants will be invited to present their proposals in the 2nd week of September 2016.
Awards will be made at the end of September 2016.
This research fund is supported by the Templeton World Charity Foundation Inc.

P.O. Box 7766-30100,
How To Apply: Inquiries and application documents should be sent to the Coordinator of ACIP at: Email:



ACIP Motto: Choose Life (Deuteronomy 30: 15)

To empower young people with life skills they need to make the transition from childhood to adulthood without falling victims to challenges such as HIV infection, drug abuse and lack of self-esteem.

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