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On 20th October 2020, the ACIP, in partnership with the Education for Life programme of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret, launched the PACK initiative at Kijiji in Hill School area, Eldoret. The event took place at the Redeemed Gospel Church in Kijiji between 10am and midday with about 80 adolescents from Kijiji attending. Seven (7) ACIP alumni attended alongside all the five founder members of the ACIP. All Government directives for COVID prevention were strictly observed.

The key activity at the launch was listening to adolescent boys and girls from Kijiji share on their experiences through the ongoing COVID -19 season. The adolescents were divided into 4 groups by age and sex. They then discussed their experiences in the groups and reported back at plenary.

The first batch of nine (9) ‘ACIP Champions in the land of Champions’ (in short ACIP Champs) was unveiled and among them five winner winners of an ACIP ideas competition (on how best to engage Kijiji adolescents) awarded various prizes. The nine champions include the following:

  1. Eliud K
  2. Clare Wahome
  3. Clare Wahome
  4. Joshua Kiprop
  5. Edita Wairimu
  6. Obadiah R
  7. Claire Were
  8. Kevin K
  9. Nicholas

We congratulate each of these 9 ACIP Champs and invite other ACIP alumni to join ACIP in this noble course. Thanksgiving

  • ACIP would like to thank all the alumni who responded to the ACIP call for ideas by submitting great ideas. Together with the alumni and other partners, we hope to implement many if not all of these ideas.
  • Thanks to all ACIP alumni for continued association with ACIP. Ou keep ACIP strong and relevant.
  • Thanks to ACIP foundersFounder Members for donating masks


  • Thanks to Pastor Lucy for hosting us at the Redeemed Gospel Church in Kijiji.
  • Thanks to the Education for Life Department of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret for donating sanitary towels and offering all the adolescents a delicious lunch.
  • Above all, we thank God from whom all good things come.

Thank you everyone. God bless you.